Air Conditioning & FGAS

Fluorinated Gas within air conditioning systems has a high global warming effect when released into the atmosphere, control of its release is important. EC regulations 84/2006 and 2037/2000 place responsibilities on operators and handlers of air conditioning systems.

Principally only a certified company and engineers may handle and work on FGAS systems and operators need to maintain records and have leak test completed at intervals.

Derby Air Conditioning

FGAS Certified

Air Conditioning Service & Installations Derby as a company is certified by REFCOM to carry out work on air conditioning and refrigeration systems containing FGAS refrigerants.

Certified Engineers

Air Conditioning Service & Installations Derby’s engineers all have approved training in the handling of FGAS refrigerants and on working on air conditioning systems containing refrigerants.

System Operators

Operators of air con systems have obligations to prevent FGAS leakage including only engaging qualified air conditioning companies. Air Conditioning Service & Installations Derby can advise on the implications and assist in compliance including with paperwork.

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